Wednesday, January 27, 2010

murder princess

It was a rainy night. The clock is almost at two o'clock in the morning. Jack was driving his BMW Z4 slowly in the rain. He almost reach to his destination at Cameron Highland. All of his friends were already there waiting for him. Tomorrow morning they are going to celebrate Eve's birthday. A surprise for her that they all have prepare from a long time ago.

He felt a bit sleepy, maybe it's because of the weather or maybe it's because of the slow melody on his radio. The road is surrounded by fog, neither thick nor thin. And from the glimpse of his eyes, he can see trees all along of the both sides of the roads.

"Young man.. What's the hurry? Please have a seat with me for a moment.."

Jack looks at the old woman in front of his car when he was at the car park. She was an old Chinese woman, full of wrinkles in her face. Only God know how old is her age. Jack just want to turn away and ignore the lady and went into his car. He just finished his lunch at that time.

"Wait.. It's very important.. It's about your destiny.." The old lady said to him with a sad face. She was about to break her tears when she said that to Jack.

"Look ma'am, I don't give a shit about my destiny.. What's going to happen, will happen.." He said to the old lady.

"Don't go there! You'll be swallow by the mist in the evil route! You'll be her servant for eternity!" She said that to him in a high pitch, almost a scream but in a gentle way.

Now Jack was confused by the old lady. How did she knew that he was going to his friends later that day? The woman shed tears as she walks by. Jack went into his car and went back to his home to pack some stuff for the trip to his friends party.

The rain start to pour much more harder. Lightning now strikes more constantly and the thunder roars more louder. The mist was becoming thicker as the rain pour more harder. Now the words from the old lady have said to him kept been playing on his mind over and over.

He then suddenly heard a sinister woman laugh. Her high pitch shriek laughter have made Jack scared all of a sudden. He stepped on his gas and his car went from 80 km/h to over 180 km/h in an instant. But he still can heard that laugh.

A lightning struck in front of his eyes. He was blinded by the bright light. When he try to open his eyes, he saw death was calling for him. The lightning had struck onto the of the trees at the road side and the tree was falling in front of his eyes.

He was panicked at that time and he suddenly heard the laugh had became into a light giggle, a little girl like giggle. Surprisingly that giggle had stunned him. He was in a confused like state of not knowing what should he do when he knew that death was calling for him, in front of his eyes.

It's like he had been hypnotized by that giggle. Jack wasn't manage to hit the break at all. He rammed directly into the fallen tree. It all happened in an instant. Death had taken him in a blink of an eye. His car was blown into pieces because of that hit. The flame in the rain kept on burning. His body was scattered all over the place. Some part of his flesh was still burning.

"How's your death? Do you enjoy it?"

He heard a voice. A fine woman voice. He opened his eyes, the light was too bright. He then saw a figure in front of him. A woman figure. But he can't see her face because she was standing towards the light.

"Are you an angel? Where am I? Is this the eternal paradise?" He ask the woman.

"No. I'm not an angel." She replied short.

"And this is not the paradise.." She continued.

"Then where am I?" Jack asked her again.

He still felt the pain of the collision he had earlier. His body is perfectly fine as like he never had any accident earlier. But he felt weak.

He feels like he was floating. Not standing or sitting. He then realized that place is white and bright all over. He didn't saw any figure except of his own body and that woman.

"Do you want to live again?" The woman asked him.

"What do you mean?" He asked the woman back.

"Don't ask me Jack, but answer me.." Said the woman back at him.

Jack didn't know what he should say. "This is definitely not the paradise and nothing exist here, being reborn is the best option I have now.." He said that in his head.

"Yes, I do want to be alive again." He answer confidently to the woman.

She turn to him and now he can see her face. She is very beautiful. He never saw any woman this beautiful in his whole life. She smiled when she heard his answer. He notice that she had dimples when she smiled at him and a small mole underneath her right lips. Her iris was light brown in color and her skin was whitish almost pale like white. She had a long black hair and was neatly comb with a pigtail at the back.

"Well then, we shall meet again.." Said that woman to Jack.

Now everything turn black and Jack didn't know what was going to happen to him. He couldn't see anything now. Suddenly he feel that he is sitting onto something solid. He open his eyes and he see an ancient warrior suit in front of him. It's like an ancient Chinese dynasty warrior suit.

He look around and he knew he is in a house. A small square wooden house with a window in each wall but not at the wall in front of him. At that wall, there is a huge mirror attached to it. He turn back, he see a door. A wooden escape for him. The floor he is sitting is also made of wood. When he look up, there is one floating round lamp. The light from it is neither bright nor dim. It's perfect to light the whole room. But what puzzle him is how the lamp is floating. He than see the roof. It's made of a leaf. The leaf is huge. It's very huge that a single leaf can be the roof for the whole house. He then stand up.

"Jack, what have you done to deserve this?" The suit is talking to him.

He is shock at that moment and fell down. Then the suit start to move forward to him. He don't know what should he do. Then, the suit left hand move to it's head. It open the helmet. And inside it, there is a man.

"You're in a deep nightmare Jack.." The man said to him.

Jack still don't know what should he do. That man is very tall. He has a very clean shaved face and his skin is a bit tanned. His face is square like shape face. His nose a bit tall and his lips is thick. He does not have any eyebrows or hair. He than smiled at Jack. Jack is still looking confused to him.

"If nothing unusual can be see at him, then he must be human like me too.." That is what Jack heart told him at that moment. Then he hear the giggle he heard before.

"Stand up Jack, it's time.." The man said to him.

Jack just follow his word and stand up. He is shock and fear for the giggle at the same time. Then the lamp projected a hologram image. It's the image of the woman he saw before this.

"You?!" He almost yell at that moment.

Jack became more confuse now.

"How was your death? Do you enjoy it?" The woman grin after saying that to Jack.

to be continue..